Clean, safe, silent and trustworthy power on your construction site

In need of power on a spot where the grid doesn't suffice or simply isn't present? Searching for an alternative for loud and unhealthy diesel generators?

Near grid Solutions develops and builds durable energy providing solutions:
the Power Booster, suitable for construction sites with 1 tower crane and insufficient grid power, and the Mobile Battery; providing power for well drainages and 3 tower cranes


Near grid Solutions fastens energy transition

We offer durable and renewable solutions where the power grid delays the energy transition. It's our mission and passion to replace your polluting generators by our durable and renewable solutions on sites where the classic electricity grid fails to deliver.


We are 100% certain that our products can change the world of construction, events and mobility. Our ever expanding fleet in Flanders is proof of our success. The 100% safe systems are suitable for a classic three-phase residential connection ànd offer a durable alternative for regular generators, all without any worries thanks to remote monitoring. Leading to less interruptions and less internal costs, the Near grid Solutions also match with the 'lean building' approach.