Clean, safe, silent and trustworthy power on your construction site

We offer durable and renewable solutions where the power grid delays the energy transition. It's our mission to replace your polluting diesel generators by our durable and renewable solutions on sites where the classic electricity grid fails to deliver. 

Near grid Solutions develops and builds durable energy providing solutions:
the Power Booster, suitable for construction sites with 1 tower crane and insufficient grid power, and the Green Box, providing power for well drainages and up to 3 tower cranes


Green Box

The Green Box replaces 1 or multiple diesel generators on the construction site. It consists of a battery pack combined with smart power electronics.
The Green Box is easily connected to the residential energy grid to keep the battery charged. Once the connection is made, the Green Box provides multiple (up to 3) tower cranes and other site equipment with trustworthy power. 

Power Booster

The Power Booster is a slimmed-down version of the Green Box, developed to power smaller construction sites where only 1 tower crane is deployed. The technology used is the same as in the Green Box, only the dimensioning is different.