Our  Consumption Monitor reduces your CO2 footprint

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We provide you with CO2 reduction insights so you know how to reduce your CO2 footprint cost effectively

We quantify the impact of your CO2 reduction strategies 

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We want to get rid of diesel generators, but we do not know which alternatives exist. Moreover, you must be able to respond quickly to the energy requirements of art performers and companies. Thanks to my contact with Stadslab2050, Near grid Solutions emerged as a trustworthy partner.

Sanne De Rooij

Responsible Communication,

Zomer van Antwerpen

Franki Construct wants to drastically reduce the CO2 footprint of its activities. We focus on the energy consumption of our mobile office and change rooms. Our new mobile offices and change rooms  have about the double insulation thickness than the current standard ones, new double glazing and high-performance heating / cooling. We do not know the impact of our efforts. Hence, it is difficult to further identify cost-effective saving measures. Near grid Solutions offers an end-to-end solution for this. We use this solution at our Tangent site.

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Franky Van den Berghe

Manager Safety and Environment, Franki Construct NV